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EZ Configurator


The EZCommunicator Navigator Configurator (ECONFIG) is a hand-held remote used for configuring a Navigator 2 Wire System or individual 4 Wire Navigator Push Button Stations (PBS). Just stand a few feet in front of a PBS, point the Configurator at the PBS, turn it on and select your options. The Configurator communicates via infrared with the PBS (and CCU of 2 Wire system). The EConfig is compatible with the N2 and N4 Navigator systems as well as the new EZCommunicator EN2 and EN4 Navigator systems. One Configurator is all you need for maintaining multiple intersections. All of the configuration options in the CCU and PBS are set with the Configurator. The beauty of the Navigator system is its interactive operation. For example, if you select one of the optional Locate Sounds, you hear your choice as you select it. When adjusting volume levels, you hear the level you select. After configuring the features you want, you can upload your choices to just that PBS or to all of the PBSs on the entire intersection with a single button push. The EConfig also has the capability of saving 4 user defined configuration sets and has 3 factory-default configuration sets. (Access is password protected to prevent unauthorized changes.)


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