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Barlo Strobes


The Barlo Safety Beam traffic signal system has been designed to enhance the normal illuminated red or amber section of the traffic signal. This is sometimes necessary because of intense background lighting (visual noise), obstructed approaches, intersections that have activities that distract the driver¹s attention, obscure railroad crossings, wrong-way warnings and high speed approaches that tend to deceive the driver¹s perception of distance.














Research claims that everyone is blind to the color red when it is displayed in a position twenty degree or greater from their direct line of vision. If a motorist attention is distracted to the side while the light turns red, they might not see that change.














It has been proven that a flashing light is an irritant to the mind, which causes the eye to turn towards the flash.


This is why the aircraft industry uses strobe lights as anti-collision devices on all airplanes and taxiways. This is also why the Barlo Strobe is a very useful tool in reducing traffic accidents.


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