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Hand Held Emitter


Marlin Controls, Inc. offers our Hand Held Test Emitter. The average range is 300-500 feet, making it ideal for urban and suburban traffic control situations where a fixed, vehicle-mounted product is cost prohibitive, impractical, or fails to increase the margin of safety for on-foot personnel. Police are often called upon to direct emergency vehicles that are unequipped with preemption through congested intersections, as well as directing traffic around accident scenes.


Perfect for testing intersections equipped with preemption receivers. System testing within the intersection allows for the close range observation of the changing traffic signal sequence. Portable lightweight design for on-foot personnel offers superior flexibility to vehicle-mounted preemption; increases safety margin; versatile uses from traffic control to testing traffic signal preemption detectors.


The device is NOT intended for use in moving vehicles.



This item will only be sold to federal, state, and local governments, fire and ambulance departments. PLEASE NOTE: The device is NOT intended for use in moving vehicles.

*Opticom™ is a trademark of Global Traffic Technologies, LLC. Strobecom® is a registered trademark of Tomar Electronics, Inc.


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