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ILA-550 Inductive Loop Analyzer


Marlin Controls, Inc. is proud to introduce the ILA-550 Inductive Loop Analyzer.


  • Contains all the functions necessary to test newly installed loops and loop systems. A powerful troubleshooting tool
  • Easy to use, fits in the palm of your hand
  • Housed in an attractive, compact, impact resistant case
  • Liquid crystal display (LCD) provides direct readout for ease of measurement
  • Operates on internal batteries or from an AC adapter (included). The adapter also charges the batteries
  • Battery level status shown on display
  • Automatic shutoff if the selector switch is not moved within eleven minutes or if the battery voltage falls below a preset level - to conserve battery life
  • Measures the leakage resistance of the loop to ground at 500 VDC
  • Measures frequency and relative signal strength of a loop network connected to an active detector with a probe suspended over the loop (indirect method) or when connected to the loop terminals (direct method)
  • Measures loop inductance, resistance, and Q of a loop with NO detector connected. Unit provides excitation to measure newly installed loop at locations without power or a detector
  • Measures the change of inductance (-DL) caused when a vehicle drives over the loop and remembers the greatest change encountered. Useful for properly setting detector sensitivity levels

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