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LED Pedestrian Signals


Marlin Controls, Inc. would like to introduce our line of Countdown Pedestrian Signals. Our signals have been used by many communities to make their streets safer for pedestrians. Our Countdown Pedestrian Signal will take the guesswork out of the question "to cross or not to cross." Studies have shown that most pedestrians simply do not understand the flashing hand indication used on conventional signals.













Studies have further concluded that because each pedestrian walks at a different rate of speed, current pedestrian signals do not give an indication as to how much time remains for a safe crossing. Dialight signals have added a digital countdown signal that provides pedestrians with a timer indicating exactly how much crossing time remains for a safe crossing.


The added real-time information gives pedestrians a clear and objective point of reference, available at a glance, enabling the pedestrian to make a safe, sound decision as to whether they should proceed to cross. Dialight pedestrian signals combine the latest technologies of LEDs. They virtually eliminate the continuous and costly need for replacing "Walk" & "Don't Walk" bulbs, and provide savings of up to 90% in energy consumption.


All of the signals can easily be retrofitted to existing signal housings in less than ten minutes.


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