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Nitestar DMI


The days of pushing a measuring wheel are long gone thanks to the NiteStar offered by Marlin Controls, Inc. NiteStar is a distance measuring instrument (DMI) designed to accurately measure distances as you drive. The first DMIs were used by telephone and utility companies to measure pole spacing and cable lengths. Today’s uses vary widely from street line spraying to traffic analysis. Municipalities across the country are finding NiteStar effective in measuring highways and parking lots; highway paving and line painting; on snow plows and other maintenance vehicles.


The NiteStar is easy to install and use, and offers you a cost-effective way to complete the job! Two models are available: the NS-50, a basic DMI, and the NS-60 with extended memory, laptop compatibility, and optional GPS receiver. The SS-10 is a speed sensor used along with the NiteStar DMI. It is mounted either on the firewall or under the dashboard of the vehicle. The SS-10 conditions and transfers the speed signal to the NiteStar for measurement and display. Signals are automatically converted, and the sensitive design of the SS-10 allows it to operate at low speeds.



  • Accurately measures distances at ± 1 foot per mile
  • Converts distances to miles, feet or kilometers
  • Capable of detecting bi-directional distance (up/down)
  • Displays distance intervals between points of interest
  • Extensive internal memory for storing data
  • Optional power adapter cable to derive 12 VDC from cigarette lighter or auxiliary power socket
  • Optional GPS receiver records coordinates for surveying and mapping data
  • Optional Survey Data Management (SDM) software


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