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Panel Mount Flashers


Marlin Controls Panel Mount Flashers contain all flashing and load switching circuitry in a convenient to use cube style package. These flashers may be used for flashing two tungsten lamps, LED, or inductive loads. Single circuit operation is possible by connecting only one load, thereby providing a spare circuit should overload of the connected circuit occur.

These are chassis mount flashers with a small footprint of just 1¾ inches by 2¼ inches. Mounting on a flat metal surface is simple through the two #8 clearance holes provided.


Usage of a high thermal conductivity grease is required between the flasher and chassis to help dissipate heat for long trouble-free operation. Besides mounting to a cabinet wall, these flashers may be used to upgrade electro-mechanical flashers to solid state reliability. These flashers are epoxy filled giving a rugged unit capable of withstanding the harsh environmental performance requirements of NEMA and 170 Type specifications.



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