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Peek 625X Plus Vehicle Detector


The Peek 625X Plus vehicle detector detects when vehicles are present and monitors inductive loops of practically all dimensions. It can detect both parked and moving vehicles and control access.


The Peek 625X Plus provides a host of settings that are adjustable using front panel DIP switches. Sensitivity is adjusted using a 10-setting rotary dial.


The user can set a 2-second detection delay to ignore fast moving vehicles or extend the detection time by 2, 5 or 10 seconds to ensure detection of slow moving vehicles.


The detection monitor reports two types of loop faults: open loop and shorted loop. Each fault type is indicated by a specific flashing sequence of the power indicator or, if so programmed, relay 2 emits an output signal.


The Peek 625X Plus detector is equipped with two separate programmable relay outputs:


Relay 1:

  • Main detection output
  • Factory set to be fail safe in the case of power interruptions
  • Can be modified by delay and extension
  • Fail safe mode easily changeable

Relay 2 – Can be set to one of the following:

  • True presence (no delay or extension)
  • Pulse on vehicle entering the loop
  • Pulse on vehicle exiting the loop
  • Loop fail output


A non-volatile memory prevents the loss of vehicle signals following a voltage drop of 3 seconds or less (the 625X “remembers” the vehicle).


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