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PEEK Vehicle Signal


The PEEK Traffic Control Systems, aluminum vehicle signal is available with both 8" and 12" diameter lenses and features the following:


HOUSING A One piece die-cast aluminum unit with serrations in 5° increments at each end. Each housing has provisions for mounting two terminal blocks and attaching backplates. Housings may be fastened together to make multi section signals. The 8" and 12" signals could also be intermixed to form combination signals.


DOOR A One piece die-cast aluminum unit equipped with stainless steel hinge pins. Two stainless steel captive eyebolts and wing nuts permit easy access to the inside of the housing.


VISOR A One piece formed aluminum unit. The removable twist-on visor is secured to the door with stainless steel hardware. Cut-away, tunnel and full circle visors are available.


REFLECTOR A separately hinged, ALZAK® reflectors standard. Glass is also available.


LENS Conforms to ITE specifications.


The standard lens is polycarbonate capable of withstanding illumination by a standard traffic signal lamp without any physical distortion. A glass lens is also available.


For more information or to receive a quotation please call Marlin Controls, Inc. at 508-278-0446.


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